• PSU Photovoltaic Solar Urban power plant
    Imagine your city
    generates energy…
    Imagine it is
    clean and cost-saving
    Imagine it is
    possible now and you
    are part of it.
    PSU. Transform
    your urban environment
    into a solar power plant.

PSU. Photovoltaic Solar Urban power plant

The solution to make energy consumption in cities sustainable.

PSU. Photovoltaic Solar Urban power plant
PSU. Photovoltaic Solar Urban power plant

Developing a solar photovoltaic power plant right in urban environments is possible right now. All the necessary structure is already there, already decades ago.

Thanks to ultralight flexible solar panels, we can produce low-cost clean electricity during the day, on urban and interurban furniture, by means of PSU120 kits. The generated energy is energy for the benefit of those citizens living close to the urban furniture.

The photovoltaic solar urban power plant allows to transform cities and municipalities in “prosumers” from the energy point of view, offering their citizens a solution to the ever-increasing energy consumption in urban environments.

Transform your urban environment your city your municipality into a solar photovoltaic urban power plant

Transform your urban environment into a solar photovoltaic urban power plant

Community solar projects

With PSU, any city is transformed into a solar generator, fostering solar energy from the local neighborhood to the interconnection of international grids.

Community solar projects

ECO20®. Differentiate your municipality

Get your urban environment to make a difference thanks to a new quality standard.

The ECO20® seal counts on the certification of Bureau Veritas, an accredited entity to certify energy management systems or environmental management and it guarantees that the energy used in the manufacturing process has 100% solar origin, with no environmentally unfriendly greenhouse gas emissions.

ECO20 - made solar energy

ECO20® is based in White Certificates, an instrument issued by the European Commission which certifies that a determined amount of electric energy has been ob- tained from the sun in a determined period of time. This warranty system allows any industry to certify that the origin of its consumption comes from solar sources.

ECO20 Silver
(50-70% self-consumption)

ECO20 Gold
(70-80% self-consumption)

ECO20 Platinum
(>80% self-consumption)


Bureau Veritas


Transform any grid-connected urban furniture into a powerful solar generator in an easy and economical way.

Spanish patent application No. P201601035 property of TSO the south oracle

Reduce consumption

Each urban furniture equipped with PSU120 reduces the municipality’s energy consumption in 124.56 kWh (latitude 37.389N).

No storage

The generated energy is consumed immediately.

Social benefit

Adds value to the municipality as renewable energy “source”.

Easy integration

Adaptable and discreet in urban furniture, allowing the use as publicity holder.

Examples of performance of one PSU120 kit in several European cities

PSU 120
Energy price (€/kWh)*
Total income
Profit during lifetime
Total avoided CO2 (Kg)**
55.676N Copenhague 86,40 0,309 26,70 7,49  467,44 € 885,60
50.850N Bruselas 79,87 0,254 20,29 9,86  307,17 € 698,86
48.135N Múnich 84,00 0,297 24,95 8,02  423,70 € 756,00
48.208N Viena 87,47 0,203 17,76 11,26  243,91 € 570,74
41.903N Roma 113,47 0,241 27,35 7,31  483,66 € 992,86
40.417N Madrid 122,53 0,218 26,71 7,49  467,79 € 765,81
38.722N Lisboa 115,73 0,235 27,20 7,35  479,91 € 983,71

(*) Price of residential energy in January 2017, assumed fixed for 25 years. Source: Eurostat.
(**) CO2 emissions due to electricity consumption in January 2017 and assumed fixed for 25 years. Source: European Environment Agency (EEA).

Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel

The range of PSFU products will change the vision on how solar energy can be developed in any market, making it more accessible and cheaper for end-users.

PSFU Technical Presentation

Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel
Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel
Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel

PSFU products are advanced own technology with similar price to conventional panels, but with all the advantages included in PSFU technology and its supporting structure.


Ultralight Flexible Solar Panel CERTIFICATIONS


  • Get new profits from existing grid-connected urban furniture.
  • Smart remote control, with consequent preventive maintenance.
  • Solar generation at competitive prices (LCOE 127-221$/MWh*).
  • Customizable kit in color, upgradable in power.
  • Easy and fast to install, plug-and-play.
  • Best-in-class aesthetical integration.
  • No maintenance or cleaning required.
  • Fits into any urban furniture.
  • Wind and snow-load resistant (Class I).

(*) Calculated with data from Lazard and Eurostat for latitudes from 18º to 59,3º.

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